Sunday, 4 August 2013

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hero of Sparta hd

You wake up alone on an unknown beach -- your boat and entire fleet missing... It's the beginning of an epic odyssey to find out just what game the gods are playing with you, King Argos. Your fate now lies in their hands. Battle like the fierce Spartan warrior you are to avoid a tragic death as you journey from the Oracle's Island to Atlantis and finally to the depths of the Underworld. You will fight the most phenomenal monsters from mythology, defy Cerberus and the Cyclops, and challenge the gods themselves! It's your chance to write your own legend... if you can survive this mythic adventure.

  • A full 3D experience: move in 3 dimensions in superb and varied 3D environments.
  • Unleash the hero's special powers by performing touch screen move combos.
  • 8 different levels to explore: the mysterious Atlantis, the depths of the Underworld, and more.
  • Face legions of enemies and the most impressive mythical creatures such as the Cyclops or Cerberus.
  • Fabulous equipment and 5 mythic weapons to upgrade: draw your mythic swords, ax, and bow!
  • Fight, explore, solve puzzles... more than a basic hack and slash: a real odyssey.

- Replace intro.mp4 in hos folder with this one intro.mp4

Apk: Password= ajie1987
    Data: Password= ajie1987
    install apk first then extract gamedata to sd\gameloft\games
    If you have any problems let me know.

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    Modern Combat Sandstorm

    Modern Combat Sandstorm!

    Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Gameloft’s new action-thriller will plunge you into the heart of modern war. Assigned to Mission Sandstorm, your duty is to locate and annihilate a new terrorist cell setting up shop and recruiting foreign insurgents in a remote desert hot spot. This jarring first person shooter will equip you with the most sophisticated and powerful modern day weapons.

    • 10 missions featuring varied and highly polished Middle Eastern environments (city, hospital, sewers, port, lab, training camp, etc.)
    • Improved iPhone controls offer unprecedented game fluidity. Choose among 3 different control systems: Default Controls, Screen Tap and Virtual Sticks
    • Use a wide range of authentic, advanced weapons (2 assault rifles, sniper rifle, RPG, shotgun, submachine gun, light machine gun, heavy machine gun mounted on a moving 4X4, explosive grenades, flashbang grenades, radiation detector) enriched with a leveling system that allows the player to progressively unlock weapons and use munitions from fallen foes
    • Aim and shoot with extra precision in Sniper and Ironsight mode
    • Highly polished 3D graphics provide full immersion into the military experience and high intensity combat
    • Cinematic snippets, military voice-overs and true-to-life situations increase game realism
      Tested on galaxy mini 100% working

      Instructions IMPORTANT:
    • first download the, install, then open.
    • The game will probably force close. This is not a problem.
    • download the data and extract it into sdcard\gameloft\games

    • Apk: Modern Combat Sandstorm 
    • Data: PASSWORD IS: ajie1987
    • You will have to enter the password which is ajie1987 to download the data.

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    Free Hd games!!!!!!!!!

    I will be posting free hd games that will be compatible with samsung galaxy mini and other qvga android phones.

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